The Czech Republic will soon see its first same-sex adoption. Petr Laně and his partner Jan Rous have successfully passed an intensive training course as well as psychological testing and now they just have to wait for their longed-for child.

Petr Laně said: “We were a little worried that we would not pass the test, as we have heard from many people that it’s not pleasant. Our concerns, however, fortunately, were wrong. Now we are looking forward to the baby, even though we are a bit nervous. Like almost everyone expecting a child.”

The expected child already has a decorated bedroom which was finished six months ago. So now all that is left to buy is the stroller. Petr Laně sought to adopt a child already in 2014, but he knew in at that time it was likely it would fail. Adoption by registered partners was not allowed at that time.

But when Petr Laně challenged the law last June, the Constitutional Court decided to annul discriminatory section. Thanks to this judgment, he and his partner finally won the chances of adoption.

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