Yesterday the first “Steora” benches were installed in Prague. Earlier this month the first bench was placed also in Melbourne, Australia.

The Czech Republic and Australia placements bring the total number of places people can use the benches to charge phones and use free WiFi to 13 countries on 4 continents and in 5 capital cities – Zagreb, Sarajevo, Prague, Bratislava, and Astana.

The Steora bench hides a wireless charger for advanced mobile devices – integrated with an acrylic glass cover – while it also offers two regular USB ports, together with a Wi-Fi access point. Users can charge their phones and connect to the Internet.

The benches, which provides LED night light, can be installed anywhere as long as it exposed to some natural light. Over the day all energy goes into a strong battery system which ensures that the bench can work normally even if there is no sun for few days.

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