Two months have passed since many of us made promises to themselves to start exercising. Hand on heart, how many of you have given up on your New Years resolutions? We asked experts from the gym Fitinn why and how to fight laziness.

Nowadays we sit a lot, which causes an imbalance in your body. We do not use certain muscles or some we may use excessively. Repetitive actions weaken muscles and from chronic pain.

The solution is the overall strengthening of the body.  If the musculoskeletal system and spine strengthens muscle imbalances stabilize and injuries are less likely to happen. For this reason Fitinn created ideal conditions for training in functional zone.

The second step is cardiovascular system training, e.g. fast walking, running etc. It improves blood circulation and prevents disease. A trained heart is more powerful and lasts longer. For this reason Fitinn offers cardio zone and fitness equipment.

Mostly for everyone, the hardest part is to begin. Some start gradually and other jump headfirst. Fitinn offers good basis to start thanks to high-quality machines, stable prices and fixed opening hours.

So what are you waiting for? The most important thing is to start!

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