Irish budget airline, Ryanair, have announced that from October 2017, they will start daily flights from Prague to Barcelona and Madrid.

Ryanair announced in a press release on Monday that they are expanding their range of routes in Europe and will start flights to Barcelona and Madrid. They will fly daily to and from Barcelona, and four times per week to the Spanish capital, Madrid. Whilst accurate flight timings have yet to be announced and bookings cannot yet take place, the company announced that the demand is high and they are committed to this new development.

Barcelona is amongst the most popular destinations from Prague, but flights are not regular and can be pretty expensive. Ryanair insists the demand is in place to run more regular flights which will drive down the price to an agreeable cost, considering similar prices to get to other destinations on a 2-hour flight.

Currently, due to cost, many people choose to fly from Austria, Poland, and Slovakia. Flights from these destinations are considerably cheaper and if you factor in the fuel/train costs, you could save quite a lot of money if you travel in a group. The cheapest flight from Prague currently is usually around 120 euros (3,240 CZK) with Vueling, which is considered a lot if you think about the distance. Depending on demand, this can also be far higher.

This route marks a new venture from Ryanair, as current flights to Barcelona from Prague, are operated by Vueling and Czech Airlines during the winter. Czech Airlines are in cooperation with Smart Wings in the operating of the flights. Wizz Air used to fly the route but backed out recently.

“The average price of tickets is over five thousand, which is for a two-hour flight was a relatively high figure compared to other lines, where there is more competition. Ryanair has not announced the price yet, but we can expect one-way tickets will start in the order of hundreds of crowns,” said Joseph Trejbal from