“Everyone has to go to Prague!”, “Book your plane tickets today!” – these are some examples of exclamations that are spreading on foreign websites. Our breathtaking city and its spectacular monuments are not the only attractions anymore. Some come from all around the world for the trdelník!

The traditional pastry has become even more famous after shops started transforming trdelníks into ice cream cones and adding fruits and Nutella.

The crowd favorite pastry has traveled to various corners of the world. “Sydneysiders go nuts for Nutella doughnut ice cream”, one article praises a newly opened trdelník bakery in Australia. Another article titled “The Praguery food truck serves up tasty chimney cakes” spreads the word about the food truck selling the tasty Czech pastry to citizens of Vancouver.

At the same time, creators of the brochure USE-IT Prague Map 2017, whose purpose is to show tourists the city from the eye of a local, suggested that it is better to avoid the tourist trap. “Do not fall into the trap of traditional trdelníks. Go get yourself a beer. But not a foreign one! We have so many good Czech beers!” suggested Michaela Klíčníková.