From Braník to Čerčany on a steam powered locomotive.

A steam train runs from the Braník train station, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along the Sázava river. Nicknamed the Sázava Pacific, the route is known for its beautiful surroundings, including canyons.

Sázava River Source:
Sázava River

The name was given to the route by the tramps that would hop on for the ride, according to The train also rides along the Gold River, where the tramps searched for gold. Here, you can still see the old, wooden cabins that the tramps lived in while they search for their riches. The tramps named the route because the canyon was representative of the landscapes of the Wild West, according to the same article.

Sázava river and town Source: Wikimedia Commons
Sázava river and town
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The total trip takes more than three hours to complete. However, there are plenty of beautiful views and history to appreciate along the way. The train departs Braník on Saturday, June 24, at 9:00, returning back at 15:54. Three more steam powered trips will happen this summer, on July 8, again to Sázava, August 19 to Kácova, and finally on August 26 to Vlašim.

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Photo: DENÍK/ Vít Šimánek