The smart lamps are being installed to reduce energy consumption and lighting costs but they will come with cool features like charging capabilities. The new lights will also contain sensors that can collect data on air quality, temperature, and even noise or traffic density.

Karlín is the first area in the city that will have these lamps installed. The project called Smart Lights PLUS is the idea of the city-owned company, Operátor ICT. The cost of the 5 smart columns is 1.3 million crowns and a further 87 street lights in the area will be modernized in Karlín.

In the future, the lamps could also provide for collection of data from surrounding buildings, benches, smart waste bins, parking meters, etc. This is one of the steps the city has introduced this year, as well as smart benches, that are hoped, will move Prague to a modern, smart city by 2030.


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