He was joined on a boat with a tennis court on it, on the Vltava river, by Czech tennis star Tomáš Berdych. Here they hit a few balls back and forth in front of a large crowd.

Some lucky fans caught the balls as souvenirs, while others sadly fell into the river. Afterward, he went to Old Town Square where he was greeted by thousands of adoring fans. He met with Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová and the two exchanged gifts.

The Swiss tennis player is in the city promoting the Laver Cup, a new tournament that will see Europe compete against the rest of the world in a style similar to the Ryder Cup.

The Laver Cup begin in late February. The prices for the matches will range from 4,500 to 17,900 CZK. Tickets for individual matches will be sold subject to availability, and prices will start at 990 CZK.

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