Passengers in Prague’s public transport will be able to pay for their ticket via mobile or online applications from next year.

The introduction of the multi-channel check-in system was approved by the Prague councilor. This will mean, among other things, the end of the validators which are currently needed to recharge ticket cards and passengers Opencard.

The new ticketing system has the ability to pay for both short and long term tickets through an online e-shop and mobile applications. It will also be possible to register a credit card with the system and use it with either the Lítačka or Opencard.

The project was prepared by the ICT Operator company. According to the timetable, the e-shop’s hot start will start at the end of March next year. The mobile application is to test the ICT Operator from May and to launch in August.

Direct costs for the project will reach a maximum of CZK 43 million, according to the company, another 23 million will be provided with state-of-the-art systems. The operation will amount to CZK 30 to 42 million per year, while the system according to the Prague management will save up to 50 million crowns a year compared to the current state of the economy, for example in reducing the amount of SMS tickets for which the transport company pays commissions to the provider.