A parked car in Prague was seen on Friday with its door wide open, with an unknown person half-asleep in the passenger seat. It turned out that the car was not his, and so he ended up spending the rest of his night with the police.

The open front and rear doors on the passenger side were noticed by police officers on Friday at about three-thirty in the morning.

“When the police officers came to the vehicle, they saw a half-naked person in the passenger seat. Because they suspected that they had broken into a vehicle, they asked the man to produce documents,” Irena Seifert, a spokesman for the city police, said.

The twenty-six-year-old foreigner, who was carrying a knife, refused to legitimize the police.

Prior to the arrival of the police, the car owner had parked, confirming that the car was locked before leaving. The investigations were subsequently taken over by the police.