For those, who are free-minded and energetic and whose minds and bodies NEED adrenalin, we are happy to announce the High Jump 2016 Cliff Diving Championship in the Czech Republic, which is held in Hřiměždice village on 5-7 August.

This unique and incredible sport makes you hold the breath and wait till the miracle happens – the cliff driver plucks up the courage, jumps and reaches the water. No matter how old you are (one of the participants is 69!), no matter how green you are (the other is a 14-year-old youngster from England), no matter how crazy you are, jumping from up to 30 meters, these guys really love what they are doing, making the performance even more exciting by the complicated tricks and their own unique styles.

One of the participants holds the world record in splash diving (a bit different kind of sport) – he jumped off the helicopter 43 metres high. There are even more unbelievable facts and records, but we will let you enjoy the event yourself and see everything with your own eyes. The must-thing-to-do is visiting the Desperados High Jump and do not miss a chance to watch insane people, doing insane jumps.

Lets SPLASH this summer!