If you want to experience unusual tastes combined with traditional culinary feats from Japan, visit restaurant Hiro in Prague 6. Restaurant Hiro breaks all myths and expectations about Japanese cuisine by introducing Japanese barbeque and grilled meat yakiniku. It also offers wide range of sushi, plenty of fish and a selection of sake.


The place is clean and peaceful. You can watch the chefs working behind the bar.  Don’t be surprised that you sit on a chair, because the style follows modern Japanese restaurants. The family still has a traditional dining room where they sit on the ground in the basement.


In the kitchen reigns Junbo, chef and owner of the restaurant, one of only three Japanese chefs working in the Czech Republic. Junbo opened his third restaurant to disprove the cliché theory that Japanese cuisine is all about sushi as many Czechs mistakenly believe.

In Hiro they emphasize the use of the best quality ingredients. One of the best dishes that you can try the restaurant is wagyu, beef imported directly from Japan. The second most important ingredient is considered to be tuna, which are imported from Spain and Junbo cuts up to 50 kg pieces in the kitchen himself.


“For starter, I recommend Sashimi of three kinds or Salmon and tempura roll. As a main course you must try Joshu Wagyu Japanese or Australian beef short ribs. If you are a lover of sushi then go for Chef’s sushi menu of 36 pc where you find my best picks. My speciality is plum wine cheescake acompanied by good sake,” says Junbo. The price range is medium-high.

And he also adds: “Don’t worry if you can’t use chop sticks, we can teach you or we can provide a knife and fork, but please never play with chop sticks or make any noises since it is really impolite.”