A place with a unique atmosphere reminiscent of old times describes the bookstore Fišer, which became famous in the movie Waiter, Scarper!, and since 1933 an integral part of Kaprova street. Prague’s famous bookshop has ended the lease agreement and at the end of the year will be replaced by a modern literary cafe.
Not all employees are enthusiastic about the end: “Today is not the nineties and the book market has changed a lot. We have plenty of customers, we only have less students”.

A private investor wants to reconstruct the shop and make Fišer a modern literary cafe, with another name.

But the fate of the famous bookstore perhaps is not closed. “We understand the arguments of the market, but we believe that maintaining the originality of the place – which is an unofficial cultural monument in Prague – will be stronger,” said Anna Nosková for the team.

A petition against the closing has been signed by more than 2500 people.

The main argument is that a new investor would also bring the money needed for the reconstruction of the building.
“I fear that we will be unable to find common ground. Still, I hope to appear a strong player who can save the bookstore,” adds Horáčková.

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