The Holešovice Market, also known as Prague Market, will be revitalized in the next year. The remodeling of the old meat market will be the first major renovation. The effort to revamp the market will also include removing the open stalls and brothel currently occupying the grounds.

Stalls at Holešovice Market Source:
Stalls at Holešovice Market Source:

The project’s exact cost has not been finalized yet. However, estimations show that the total investment could cost hundreds of millions of crowns.

The Holešovice Market, especially the stalls, is currently home to many Asian-owned businesses. However, Deputy Mayor Petra Kolínská stated that the city does not want the renovations to harm their businesses.

“The opaque stalls from the eighties do not have a lot to do with the halls, we’d like to remove them. At the same time, it is a consensus that we want to preserve the business activities of the Asian community,” said Kolínská.

The businesses operating in the open stalls will have to move inside the existing buildings, which need renovation. Kolínská also promised to remove the brothel, Showpark Praha, by the end of the year.

“It is absurd for such a facility to be run in a city building,” said Kolínská about the brothel.

Despite the many changes to the market, many of its established businesses will remain. The farmers’ market, as well as the store, Jatka 78 theatre, and the SaSazu restaurant and club will remain. The Holešovice farmers’ market is the largest, year-round produce market in Prague.

Farmers' Market at Holešovice Market Source:
Farmers’ Market at Holešovice Market

After stepping into the open-market place, one can almost forget that they are in Prague. While the area could benefit from stimulation, it holds a pleasant atmosphere that is different to much of Prague. While the removal of the brothel is relatively uncontroversial, the stalls are a defining element of the Holešovice Market. Characteristics of the market, removing the stalls will redefine the area.