City Hall wants to revive the semi-abandoned Holešovice pavilions and create spaces for theater and art.

Most likely, the first change concerns pavilion number 40, that will turn into an art space and at the same time could become a startup hub.

“The idea came up when we became part of the board of members of the City Town Hall. I started to speak with all the representatives of the cultural institutions in Prague 7 asking them what they think the Town Hall should do for them and how it could help them.

“Actually, Prague 7 already is an art and cultural district of Prague, but it is not organized in any official way. So we discussed the possibilities and we agreed that the position of the Town hall should be to coordinate the institutions and continue to build the project of an Art District, which already exists but has no common label.”, said one of the councilors, Hana Třeštíková.