The staggering acting duo of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro (hurrah to one more time) are collaborating with Donnie Yen for a new action movie. The filming is to start in November 2016 in Prague. The city is a popular location for filmmakers from all around the world.

It was a setting in such substantial Hollywood projects as ‘Casino Royale’ (2006), 2 parts of ‘Mission: Impossible (1996,2011), ‘Van Helsing’ (2004) and ‘ The Chronicles of Narnia’ (2005-2007).

It is unknown whether the action will move to other cities within the Czech Republic, but for now, the budget of the project makes 720 million Czech crowns. A working title of the movie is ‘Noodle man’.

The release dates are still unknown, but it is expected in 2017.