The average Czech drinks 400 cups of coffee a year. In this country, we have a historic café culture, which was diminished during the communism era and it has recently begun to re-emerge and give way to both international chains, and modern independents. The Czech coffee scene is on the rise and many cafes are offering a unique coffee experience.

The new wave of coffee culture promotes direct trade, organic, freshly roasted and in best case little family business. But have you ever wondered who the trendsetter is?

In 1998, after the fall of the communist regime came a game-changer, when a bunch of Czech friends discovered Italian coffee brand illycaffe and decided to introduce it to Czech audience together with the complete ‘illy experience’ regarding taste, atmosphere and the cup you drink from. Because previously in Czechoslovakia during the communist era the product was nationalized and its quality was totally stripped.


illycaffe was founded in 1933 by Italian Francesco Illy, who developed the modern espresso machine. Today illycaffe is accessible in 140 countries, but still represented by the third generation of Illy family, Andrea Illy.

The coffee brand has always put emphasis on values that are so strongly upheld by Czech coffee lovers and therefore has the company been repeatedly awarded World’s Most Ethical Company®.

They are also responsible for three of the most innovative ideas which have shaped modern coffee culture; pressurized packaging, the modern espresso method and single-serve coffee pods.

Today illycaffe Czech Republic is the third best selling distributor in the world, it participates in educational and supporting projects usually appears in at least 5 of the 10 best restaurants according to the Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Guide.





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