In the heart of Vinohrady there is an escape game with a twist. Instead of creating one escape room as usual, the founders have decided to open a whole center, combined with a creative hub for children and adults. 

The main reason was to inspire human creativity and interpersonal relationships. “Imaginatorium for kids and kids in us,” says one of the founders Mirek.


The idea of escape game was created in 2007, when someone in Japan decided to embody a computer game into reality. The principle of and escape game is to get out of a locked area by solving all sorts of puzzles and tasks within a limited time. This idea has spread globally and here to the Czech republic as well. “People complained to us that in usual escape games, it’s all over after 60 minutes and players did not have a place to share their experiences and lessons learned, so we decided to change it,” says Mirek. 

“We also wanted to provide the opportunity for children to attend,” he adds. Imaginatorium offers 3 escape games based on fairy tales – Dragons Cave, Krabi, Witch Hunters. Compared to normal escape rooms, these can hold 5-40 players, making them ideal for team building, family reunions or birthday parties. 

Escape games in Imaginatorium are interactive, engage the senses and are based on common sense. They use innovative technology and are absolutely universal, which means that anyone can play, regardless of age, skills or language. It seems that these type of games wake up the animal instinct and activate communication skills. Whats interesting is that the kids are often more successful than adults. 


The atmosphere at Imaginatorium is so friendly, it feels like you are going to visit friends and you end up in their living room. Playing an interesting game is just a nice bonus. 

The owners surprise you with their kindness and hospitality. At the entrance, you’re attracted by playful furniture and an interior full of unusual shapes and bright colors. Eyes roam and do not stop. Prepare yourself a cup of warm coffee from a local coffee machine, throw twenty Czech crowns into a moneybox and make yourself at home with a book from a local well-equipped bookshelf. People-watching and following whispers of the group, which apparently had just completed their mission. They chat animatedly. 

In these hasty rushed times, these real moments with our loved ones are priceless. Stop for a moment and share for a while. If you are up for it, this is the place to go.