Co-working centers, which offer a shared space to work, are already quite widespread, and the trend continues to grow. Impact HUB in Prague, Smíchov, however, took this idea further and decided to support social businesses.

The main objective is to create a space to meet, exchange ideas, an inspiring environment for work and social events, a place for the development, networking and promoting your business.

Impact HUB is an international network, which at the moment includes 82 subsidiaries on all continents. The idea originated in London 10 years ago and quickly spread throughout the world. It arrived in Prague 6 years ago, in 2010, when a group of four friends decided to launch this project here.

Photo: Impact HUB

They took this task really seriously. First, was opened the center of Impact HUB in Prague, which from its original 800 m2 has grown into an existing space with an area of 1700 m2. Then spread to other Czech cities, both Ostrava and Brno. The advantage is that if you are a member of one of these centers, you automatically become a member in even further and gain access to the contacts of all members throughout the country.

HUB offers the possibility of membership, long-term office rent, a one-time rental of space and acceleration programs for those who want to start or improve their businesses. Members with a background of his co-working space, access to a database of contacts and also the wide range of activities and workshops organized by the Centre.

Photo: Impact HUB

The interior of Prague Impact HUB has a very friendly impression, which promotes appetite for work. It is clean, airy and offers its members a great comfort. There is a bar/kitchen with drinks and snacks, a great co-working space and several offices or conference rooms separated by glass walls.

In the Czech Republic, you can find a lot of co-working centers, from luxury ones to those who resemble a squat. But Impact HUB is exceptional for its largest co-working community, numbering 1,200 members in the Czech Republic and other 13,000 worldwide, which you can cooperate with. Anyone who wants to develop or improve their business, improve skills and extend contacts is welcome.

Photo: Impact HUB

Photo: Impact HUB