This is what a beer garden looks like in Prague

Last year the Czech Republic produced 20.076 million hl of beer, which is the 2.2% more than 2014, breaking all the records since statistics were recollected.

Record broken also for exports, arose of a solid 13.3% more, with a quantity of 4.14 million hl. Principal European markets for this export are Germany and Slovakia, and outside EU is Russia, even if the country was hit by the weakening of ruble and the Russian embargo. Other importers are the U.S. and South Korea, revealed the president Frantisek CSPS Shamal.

However, the domestic market consumption of beer decreased by 0.2%. Every Czech drank on average 143 liters of beer; it decreased by one liter.

Import grew up of a solid 7.3%, with 312.000 hl. According to the data, the Czech Republic is the smallest importer of beer in Eu.