In Prague there is school which breaks all the traditions of education, where kids actually enjoy going. It offers pupils from 2 to 12 years an authentic Montessori program in English. Thanks to the Montessori program, children learn how to be independent, self-confident and creative.

The entire system is based on mixed-age classes, with an individual approach to each child.

In the kindergarten kids first start with five basic areas: practical life, math, senses and science education and languages, as the kids get older, the core concept remains but the subjects become more advanced.

Mixed classes simulate family where each member has a role and an important place. Each child is responsible for the tasks that are customized to their size, age and capabilities. Young children learn from watching the older ones. It’s all about mutual respect for one another.

Alice Giles, a teacher at the school, said: “Compared to children from the classical education system, Montessori kids’ do not need much attention of adults, because they can entertain themselves. They do not expect praise and evaluation from someone else, but they reward themselves for accomplishments as well as to cope well with losing.”

“Everything is a process of learning. Children are very creative, communicative, not afraid to ask and answer that’s it is never enough. They understand the rules and accept them, because they get the consequences,” she adds. Although the students guide their own learning, the teacher follows the child and directs it to certain age level curriculum to meet the educational standards.

The private school is celebrating 15 years of its existence this year, it currently has 106 children, 27 nationalities.

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