Adéla Kudrnová together with her like-minded friends (art director Lenka Hlaváčová and photographer Lina Németh) have contributed to the city of Prague with their exceptional design magazine Soffa. Born in the Czech Republic, educated in Sweden and gaining work experience in notable magazines such as Elle Decoration, Adéla dreamt about combining her passion for clean design and Bohemian culture. Therefore the Czech magazine SOFFA, celebrating Czech design and craftsmanship with Nordic minimalistic style, was born in December 2013. Fast forward to today, and SOFFA supplies people around the world with valuable tips on lifestyle topics.

We asked Adéla as an expert on exquisite design, inspirational stories, unknown interiors and amazing locations a few questions to reveal ‘her Prague’ and give us under the radar, must-do recommendations in Prague.


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Active, spontaneous, optimistic

What would the title of your autobiography be?

Follow your dreams

What are your true obsessions?

Chocolate, coffee, beautiful interiors

Whats your favorite travel destination?

Bornholm, Denmark

What can’t you travel without?

My fjällräven backpack

Where did you grow up?

Prague, Suchdol (part of city – suburb)

Where do you currently live in Prague?

In Prague 6 in Dejvice

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon in Prague?

Having coffee and “arašídový Věneček” AT MÍSTO CAFÉ

(Editor’s note: special type of Czech traditional pastry in shape of circle with crunchy peanuts on top)

If you could choose one person to show you “their Prague”, who would it be and why?

STEVE JOBS, because I admire what he achieved.

Which spot would you visit if you needed inspiration?


(editor’s note: Karlín is an area of Prague 8 municipal district, which underwent an extensive neighborhood renovation after damaging floods in 2002. Now, just over a decade later, Karlín is packed with cozy cafes, friendly restaurants, bars, and local events)


What are your favorite Prague restaurants?

I love café Místo, Vnitroblock, Bistro 8, Ema Espresso Bar

What are your go-to spots for drinks?

Parlour Bar

What’s your favorite Prague brunch spots, and what do order when you go?

As I mentioned above, café Místo, but I like Savoy and Louvre as well

Where is your favorite gallery and who is your favorite artist?

Kampa museum and Dox Gallery are definitely worth visiting. Regarding artist – it’s difficult to answer, but I like the work of Adolf Born a lot.

(Editor’s note: Adolf Born was a Czech painter, illustrator, caricaturist, and filmmaker.)

Where do you find yourself in Prague if you need to relax?

At home! Or at Ladronka or Stromovka parks.

What are some of your favorite Prague stores?


When you think of Prague, are there any particular memories that immediately come to mind?

Red Roofs stressed people and my love☺

What will you always miss about Prague when you are not there?

Everything, I love Prague.

What are some of your under the radar must-do recommendations for Prague visitors?

Ořechovka villas, Karlín district, and Holešovice district.

(editor’s note: Ořechovka together with Hanspaulka is one of the Prague’s most famous and oldest residential areas. it was built in 1919-1929 according to the designs of architects Jaroslav vondrák and Jan šenkýř. holešovice district underwent a huge transformation from an industrial area into an urban place full of green areas, galleries, cafes etc within last two decades and became a popular meeting point for locals)

Special recommendation from Adéla…

When you come to Prague make sure you definitely have good shoes with you, Prague is great for walking.

Adéla Kudrnová, the chief editor of SOFFA Mag gave the ABW award diploma to Czech graphic designer Nikola Klímová for Best author’s book 2014.
Child of a world with itchy feet and head full of dreams. Prague is my hometown and a place that will always inspire me . I am a lover of good stories and different cultures. Amazed by people's limitless creativity.