Rony Plesl, Czech glass artist, has opened his first retrospective exhibition at Queen Anne’s Summer Palace in Prague.

There is something magic in Rony Plesl‘s art, something that only a crystal soul can infuse into glass.

Every day, until October the 31st, you can visit the first retrospective dedicated to the Czech glass artist Rony Plesl, at Queen Anne’s Summer Palace in Prague. This is the first large retrospective exhibition of Rony: a collection of limited design objects and the newest glass sculptures will be presented in the magnificent Renaissance rooms of Royal Summer Palace at the Prague Castle. Queen’s Anne palace is the perfect location for the exhibition. Lights, colors, and sounds, perfectly match Rony’s philosophy.


I met Rony almost four years ago: he was working on the “perfect wine glass”. Rony told me that he spent a lot of time in Venice to study the ancient techniques of glass blowing and molding. Like Benvenuto Cellini made a pure gold salt cellar for King Francis I of France, Rony designs everyday objects like vases and glasses. Everybody can feel and tell that they are no ordinary pieces.

I love Czech crystal because it’s shiny, malleable and heavy. I like the idea of a dark city trying to find the light in simple pieces. I am fond of the idea of bringing energy where there are shadows.

There is something magical in Rony’s glass, something that reminds me of the Renaissance masters working to reach the ideal beauty in the ideal form. I am not sure that words can tell how transcendental this art piece can be. I simply suggest you to visit the exhibition and to enjoy the light and the lightness that you will surely feel.

Open every day from 10am to 6pm until the end of October.