The devil finds work for idle hands, as the saying goes, and there may be something to it. Most children and even adults in the 21st century spend several hours after school or work parked in front of the TV or computer instead of socializing and playing games with loved ones, especially family. But this trend could change, thanks in part to a new project called Makabox—clever little boxes for clever little minds.

I don’t have time. I can’t make it. I’m running late. Let’s leave it for another time. I want to, but… Modern man isn’t particularly sparing in his use of these phrases and they can give others the impression that you want to be left alone. Maybe you’re aware that a few of these expressions have crept into your own lexicon as well. But put yourself in your children’s shoes, or your partner’s, or your sibling’s. You brush them off every day with these phrases, and how would you feel? No doubt dejected, and you might wonder what you had done to make your loved one lose interest…

Feet up in front of the TV? Boring!

One shrewd young mother, Michaela Palatá, has decided to tackle this issue of our reluctance or unwillingness to spend time together. On the eve of her forties, she lost her job, but she didn’t intend to resign herself to a life of nothing but stocking the fridge, tidying up, watching tedious soap operas, and cursing her misfortune. So she decided to start a project which would not only bring her and her children together but help other families grow closer as well. Makabox was born.

Makabox puts an end to stress

The inspiration for the project was supposedly a desire to spend time with her two children in fun and creative ways and to share these possibilities with other parents. Over the course of a few months, she added three other members to her team, and the creative quartet now thinks up all manner of different Makaboxes, which satisfy small and large players alike.

Mother’s Day with Makabox

How does it work? Through their website you can order a Makabox—a box containing a set of fun activities, from parlor games to various creative and inventive tasks, and everything you’ll need to complete them. Every box contains three to five activities, instructions, and also the magazine Tentacle, in which you’ll find tips for even more fun and games.

Apaches or zombies?

If you’d first just like to give Makabox a try, you can order a single box. You can choose from four basic types: the Indian Box, the Family Box, the All the Colors of the Rainbow Box, and the Spooky Box (you can find a detailed description of the contents of each box HERE). It depends if you and your kids are in the mood for drawing, making things, or doing brain teasers. If you enjoy your first box, you can set up a subscription for three, six, or twelve months. The price varies depending on the length of the subscription, but averages around 400 crowns for one serving of fun.

Family building instead of team building

The goal of Makabox is to entertain both children and parents and encourage them to spend more quality time together, even in today’s hectic world. If you think about it, when besides Christmas and your holidays do you find time for your loved ones without feeling guilty for neglecting some obligations. Rarely, right? Work, your career, and social events with business partners come first. You’re always wanting something “more”, some kind of experience, something adventurous… And when you don’t take part, do you tell yourself you probably missed out? I’ll tell you straight. You didn’t. You miss out most if you leave your children to vegetate in front of the TV, mutter a quick goodnight to your partner in the evening after a work engagement, and at the weekend pack yourself up to go for “the best team building ever.” Isn’t it a shame?


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