Music producer and DJ Mike Trafik is active and well known for his work as a solo artist and being in the band PSH (Peneři Strýčka Homeboye).

However, he recently launched a brand new project, this time in gastronomy, when he opened the Jam & Co restaurant in the heart of Vršovice on Krymská Street.

It may seem like an unusual connection, to have a musician in gastronomy, but Mike was always close to culinary art. He is originally a chef and the opening of the restaurant has always been his dream. When the opportunity arose, he took advantage of it.

Jam & Co combines two directions, Asia and Europe. Mike likes to travel, taste good food and therefrom holds a love for Asian cuisine, as well as Czech. While creating the menu, he was inspired by the lightness and variability of Asian food, while Czech cuisine offered its distinctive sauces and dumplings.



Among the Jam & Co signature recipes are curries of many kinds, duck miso soup, or homemade kimchi.

The whole experience is exemplified by a clean, minimalist interior, which suggests visitors need to focus primarily on food and not be disturbed by external elements.

For the restaurant, they chose one of the most attractive Prague locations today, Krymská Street. This street naturally attracts businesses with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the local community, which is also a guarantee of good quality.

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