Czech Vit Jedlička, president of micro state Liberland, has announced that they will soon brake thepolice blockade that is protecting seven square kilometers on right side of Danube.

Jedlička envisions a country free from regulation and taxation, with minimal laws regulating personal or economic behavior.  Liberland apparently has 400,000 interested citizens stemming from every state in the world.

Their economy would be driven through the financial services industry as a tax haven, and they would experiment with crypto currencies.

Jedlička seems confident of success, and revealed big plans for the summer in an exclusive article with the Independent:

And in the summer, he [Jedlička] plans to stage a “state celebration” in a field next to the disputed territory which, if all goes to plan, could snowball into something much more.

“It’s going to be a big media event,” he says. “We would like to invite 5,000 people, with the best artists who support Liberland [attending], and we already have two or three major festival organisers in the area helping us.

“That could be the time when we actually take over control of this territory,” he says, with a clear sense of anticipation. “We are not pushing for it yet, but there is no way you can stop 5,000 people taking over control of Liberland.”

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