An innovation-based competition will take place in Prague next weekend

On June 17-18, HackPrague, a 36-hour competition consisting of 150 competitors will take place in Prague. The competition is designed to push creative innovation and ideas from software and hardware developers and designers. Competitors will have the chance to win over 100,000 CZK in prizes, the first place prize is 50,000 CZK.


There are no limits on the competitors. “It’s whatever you want to build, just for the sake of building. You start the weekend with one innovative idea, and over 36 hours, develop a product prototype that brings the idea to fruition. Unleash your creativity and technical skills,” according to the event’s website.

Competitors are able to work in teams of up to four on their projects. For those that come alone, but want to work in a team, there will also be a team formation mechanism, matching individuals to others with similar interests.

The organizers suggest that competitors bring their toiletries, a pillow, sleeping bag, and other necessities to get them through the 36-hour long competition. The event begins at 10:00 am on Saturday and ends at 20:00 on Sunday. Free food will be provided for competitors. You can find a full schedule of the event here.

The judges will base their decision on three criteria, impressiveness, technical difficulty, and creativity. The organizers emphasize the importance of the competitors creative process, saying that “We don’t want to limit your creativity,” according to their website.

HackPrague Stats Source: HackPrague
HackPrague competitor statistics
Source: HackPrague

The event’s purpose is to tap into the creative, technological potential of the Central European Region. The event is open to all developers and designers, however, the application deadline has passed, and the competitors have already been selected. This year, they received nearly 400 applicants, the most of any past year.

While the event does not wish to limit creativity, they have suggested some ideas. Drone delivery systems for medications and automated receipt splitting between friends are two project samples they have provided.

“Our mission is to become a platform for passionate technologists to meet, collaborate, and form relationships that extend well beyond the hackathon,” according to the event’s website. You can learn more about the event by visiting their website and stay up-to-date by following their Facebook page.

The event will be held at K10 Coworking in Vinohrady, Prague.