Summer is a special season for wine lovers. As it begins, so doest the time of meeting people in the warm weather and enjoying fresh sparkling wine, rosé and Riesling. At Vinograf, Prague wine bar, they want to celebrate this, and so on June 8th, they are throwing the Riesling Rocks Open Air Festival, a big Riesling party.

Vinograf is a network of wine bars, and an unofficial Prague ambassador for the best quality wine, which collects bottles from Bohemia and Europe. The sommeliers at Vinograf take both laymen and experts on an inspiring and adventurous journey into the world of wine.

Sommelier and manager Klára Kollárová describes what is important in the selection process and her favorite wines: “To be honest, we all love Riesling in Vinograf,” she laughs and continues “But for our taste, the territorial character is important to us. The wine has to express its origins and where the wine comes from.” The Vinograf team regularly visit the fields to select new and existing winemakers and keep up to date in the world of wine technology.


The love for Riesling wine will be affirmed for all, on the afternoon of June 8th, when Vinograf launches the open air festival offering the finest Riesling wines. The underground event takes place in the heart of Prague on Senovážné náměstí.

There will be 60 samples of wines from Bohemia and Moravia, from Austria, France, Tasmania, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Slovakia. German rock winemaker Martin Tesche from NAHE, who is set to join the party, will be the highlight of the whole wine degustation. The festival atmosphere will be supported by several musical performances throughout the day.


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