Poll talks clear: only 25% of Czechs are happy about the presence of the Czech Republic in the European Union, one of the lowest peaks since the country joined EU in 2004, when nearly two thirds of Czechs trusted the EU. The survey has been published by The Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM).

Since last year, the results went down by 7%. The highest level reached has been experienced in 2008 and 2009, when the percentage touched the peak of 40% of enthusiasts.

This could be blamed on the EU’s rather incompetent approach to the migrant crisis, even if there are almost no refugees in the country. Bureaucracy and strict EU rules are considered negative aspects, too.

We have to remind, that in the past 12 years, Czechs have accepted many advantages from EU, such as the 700 billion crowns worth subsidies, free travelling, free trade and the chance of studying and working in the West.

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