An amazing retrospective exhibition of photographs by Karel Cudlin, was opened at Václav Špála Gallery on July 1st. Presented works are photographs by Cudlin’s most famous photography cycles such as Romani of Žižkov, shots of the May Day parades, series of photographs from his journeys from Ukraine, Poland, Mongolia, Azerbaijan and many more.

Karel Cudlin was born in Prague, 1960. He started his photography work during the 1970s in his teen years. He was mostly inspired by people who were living on the edge, with the minorities, foreign labourers and refugees, which led him to create numerous black and white photographs of strong quality and great artistic value. He is one of the most prominent Czech documentary photographers and his work was exhibited all around a Europe and the US.

Entering the exhibition space, you can get the feeling that you are drawn back in the time and space that are represented in Cudlin’s photographs. Documentation of the moment and strong emotions are recognizable in all of his works. Looking at his photographs, a viewer gets the impression of artist’s freedom and joy in work, but also great photography skills and knowledge.

If you are interested in art and photography or simply nostalgic about the past times, this exhibition is open until 26.08. and it is worth a visit.

Young visual artist, inspired by people and extraordinary things in everyday life.