Since Macha Lake is a popular tourist destination in the Czech Republic, it needs to be easily accessible for those who are hoping to visit.

On June 25, the first train has left Liberec in the direction of Macha Lake. Even though the route operates in the test mode to explore the demand, it goes every weekend and even on holidays. It is just 50 crowns (!), which makes it even more accessible and available as well as it does for the cyclists.


Tourists might be interested not only in a destination, but in the journey as well: superb views of the valley Noviny on the beech grove and the viaduct, for example, and other astonishing places of nature on the way to the main destination of Macha Lake.

A piece of advice for cyclists: do not miss the chance to leave the train earlier, at the first stop called “Križan”. This is where the comfortable bike path begins. Enjoy the fresh air and the easy ride!