Next Monday (8 May) marks a special day for guests and residents in Prague alike, who will be able to visit the Lichtenstein Palace for the fourth time in history.

The Baroque palace was built in the 16th century and is based on the Prague island of Kampa, overlooking the Vltava river.

It is one of two palaces in Prague formerly belonging to the Princely Family of Liechtenstein. The second Lichtenstein Palace in Lesser Town is home to a music conservatory (the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and is a grand venue for recitals and concerts.

The luxurious Kampa island palace has a rich interior for guests to enjoy, which is ordinarily used for high profile state events, or to accommodate important guests staying in the Czech Republic.

Prominent figures who have enjoyed a stay at the palace include Spanish King Juan Carlos, British Queen Elizabeth II, the emperor of Japan Akihito and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Those wanting to check out the royal residence can do so from 10:00 to 16:00 on Monday. Guides will offer a tour of the palace at 30-minute intervals.