Czech political party, TOP 09, revealed their party manifesto this weekend which included a document that details their vision for the Czech Republic by the year 2030. They say that they want quicker travel time between the countries biggest cities, an improved education system and similar living standards to our wealthier neighbors, Germany. They also said they want to subsidize theater tickets and cultural events for youngsters, which does sound like an interesting idea.

“We will promote the interests of the growing middle class,” – Party Chairman Miroslav Kalousek.

The leaders of the party included economic policy reforms in the manifesto which they hope will bring the living standards of the country on par with Germany. Germany has a far bigger population than the Czech Republic and more industry and natural resources. It does, however, have its own problems with crime on the rise, European breakaways and terrorism all affecting the country. The Czech economy has been improving in recent years and the party hopes the country will kick on and move wages etc on par with other countries. They also have a favorable opinion of the Euro, and should they do well in the upcoming elections, they could force the debate to be raised in parliament.

“Most people plan their lives in more than one term, and the company should agree where and how it wants to pursue in the long term goals. Our aim is to have a successful, country – resistant company,” – added Kalousek.

TOP 09 are hoping to do very well at the next elections and they do have some interesting characters representing them. The ambition, they say, is to have a double-digit result in the next election and they feel this is achievable. They think that if they can get into double-digits, they will have significant influence over what goes on within the Czech parliament. The latest polls aren’t so favorable, but after Brexit and Trump, does anybody really trust polls anymore?

“We will focus on responsible management of public finances and depoliticize the pension system. Tax reforms will also stop punishing the growing middle class,”  said TOP 09 MEP Ludek Niedermayer.

“In our vision says that the teacher should be the best-paid civil servants. Young people under 25 years old have a voucher with an annual financial limit to visit theaters, concerts, museums, galleries and cultural monuments,” – TOP 09 Jiří Růžička.

Not all politicians were in accord, though, as skeptics of the party and rivals claimed that far from 2030, the reforms listed might end up sending the Czech state backward.