In total 15 new locations will be awarded national monument status. In practice, this means that these objects will be able to draw from European subsidies for their maintenance.

They are also under more stringent building restrictions for the protection of their cultural heritage. In total there are just over 300 national cultural monuments in the Czech Republic.

List of new national cultural monuments:

  • Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering in Mlada Boleslav
  • Municipal Museum (Wenkeův department store) in Jaroměři
  • Water plant in Podebrady
  • Municipal Theatre in Usti nad Orlici
  • Crematorium in Nymburk
  • Sokol Rakovník
  • Crematorium and columbarium at the central cemetery in Brno
  • Social House (Chamber of commerce) in Opava
  • Chebská falc 10th Blatenský canal
  • Ďáblický cemetery in Prague, an honorary burial ground where executed and tortured political prisoners and members of the second and third resistance were buried
  • Invalidovna in Prague
  • Castle with a park in Brandys nad Labem
  • Lucerna Palace in Prague
  • Monastery in Louka near Znojmo
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