These days it seems like everyone is retraining and learning to do something new. In response, several institutions have popped up that provide additional education for those who are looking for a new path in life.

The Make-Up Institute was founded with the aim of increasing the level of make-up skills on the Czech market and to help potential applicants to find jobs in this field.

The institute is a school for makeup. Anyone who desires to improve their skills can sign in, whether they are just curious or if they have the ambition to become a professional Make-up artist.

They have a team full of the biggest names in the field of make-up. They are all artists working in advertising, film or fashion industry. Lecturers give students the opportunity, show them the rules of the real business world and motivate them for lifelong learning.

“Only the strongest will survive,” says the owner and founder of the Institute Markéta Davidovich. She explains that “many come with great enthusiasm, but lack perseverance and desire to overcome obstacles. We give our students good conditions and opportunities to start, the rest is up to them. It’s a business like any other,” she adds.

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