Sunday morning, July 16, a man wielding a machete assaulted 6 individuals. Two of the victims were from Prague Morning, who were with four of their friends. While tensions were high, no one was seriously injured.

“The man came out of his store screaming and grabbed my friend by her hair,” said E.K., one of the victims of the assault. “We were just walking by,” she continued.

The incident occurred a few blocks the Palladium shopping mall. The man alleged that they were stealing from his shop. However, they had not entered the attacker’s store. They were in procession of an item which they had purchased down the street. They will take a bank statement to the police tomorrow, proving that they had purchased the item from a different store.

Luckily, an off-duty police officer heard a commotion from his apartment. He looked out from his window and saw the assault in progress. He ran down the stairs and quickly disarmed the assailant, ending the struggle. Afterward, on duty officers came and took over the situation. The off-duty officer, responsible for quelling the hostility, will be awarded a medal for bravery, according to police.

Allegedly, the family of the assailant were the ones who called the police, thinking that their store was being stolen from.

The only person injured in the struggle was the man with the machete, who had a small scratch on his leg, thought to be from the struggle with the police officer.

It is not clear why the store operator reacted the way he did. Everyone involved in the incident were taken to the police station to give their official statements.

“The police treated us really well. We were there for about seven hours, it was really stressful, but in the end we felt safe,” said E.K. “The whole thing was so strange, I still do not know what to think about it.”

The important thing is that everyone okay. The situation will continue to play out along the proper procedures set forth by the police. There are laws against having a knife larger than the palm of your hand in the Czech Republic, so the possession of the weapon itself was illegal.