Last year the Czech Republic produced 20.47 million hectoliters (100 liters) of beer, which is 1.9% more than the year before. This is a record increase for the statistics collection, published by the Czech Union of Brewers and Malts.

The main European markets importing Czech beer were Slovakia, Germany, and Poland. Outside the EU, most Czech beer was consumed by Russians.

At the same time, beer consumption in the domestic market increased by 1.3% to 16 million hectoliters. However, the consumption of the national drink per capita has not changed. Each inhabitant of the Czech Republic last year drank an average of 143 liters of beer, the same as the year before.

ČSPS chairman František Šamal says this is due to the growing population. “Last year, there were about 25 thousand more people in the republic. Another factor of success in the domestic market is the increase in the number of foreign tourists. In 2016, there were 2.2 million more tourists than the year earlier. In total, foreign travelers drank about 785,000 hectoliters of beer. In percentage terms, this is an increase of 19%”

Importing of foreign beer to the Czech Republic increased by 4.6%. When taking into account the volumes of consumption, this makes Czech Republic the smallest importer of beer in the EU.