The data came from the World Value Survey, which measured the social attitudes of people in different countries, as reported by the Washington Post.

The survey asked individuals what types of people they would refuse to live next to, and counted how many chose the option ‘people of a different race’ as a percentage for each country.

The country with the highest proportion of ‘intolerant’ people who wanted neighbours similar to them was Jordan; next was India with 43.5%.

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40% + (of individuals surveyed would not want a person of another race as a neighbour)
India, Jordan

30 – 39.9%: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea

20 – 39.9%: France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Zambia, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Hong Kong


0 to 4.9%: United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Australia, New Zealand

5 – 9.9%; Chile, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Belarus, Croatia, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa

10 – 14.9%: Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia

15 – 19.9%: Venezuela, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Russia, China

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