A plan to install a replica of the Marian column that stood on Prague’s Old Town Square for over 250 years has hit the rocks after Prague City councilor vetoed the idea, on the grounds of a petition signed by over 1,000 people. The disagreement with the resumption of construction was expressed by representatives in Thursday’s resolution.

Prague’s City Council took all legal steps to terminate its contractual obligations and to withdraw the consent of Prague to place a pillar in the center by the end of this year. Lukáš Kaucký (CSSD) said that on the basis of the resolution, the capital will not accept as a gift the Marian column.

City Council has dealt with a petition for the restoration under which 15,000 people have signed. The Society for the Reconstruction of the Marian Column had, since July, been approved by Prague 1 district, but several entities have appealed against this.

Opponents of the pillar argue that it was a symbol of Habsburg domination and re-Catholization of the country which caused a wave of emigration. On November 3, 1918, a crowd broke it. “The revival of the Marian column would deny the development of Czech history,” the petition said.