Last Monday, taxi drivers protested Uber drivers at Václav Havel Airport. At the end of the protest, the taxi drivers gave an ultimatum.

Cab drivers have called on Uber and the City to resolve their issue by Friday, otherwise they will block selected streets in the city. The Mayor said she does not have the authority to decide in this case, nor legislation regulating the shared economies. The city council has reportedly turned to the Ministry of Industry and Trade but only to get an evasive answer.

The mayor, Krnáčová said that she does not have the power to resolve this dispute but is determined to defend the capital and the police. According to her, taxi drivers should ask why Uber services are more popular. “We are in a discussion with both the city and the state police. This not a joke, particularly in a situation where Europe is in a very turbulent situation. I find it to be threatening to the whole city. I think taxi drivers should think twice. Anyways, we are ready to intervene and defend Prague from this very inadequate way of protesting,” added Krnáčová.