The next top terrorist target actually sounds like a low-budget television gameshow, but the reality is a lot darker. Czech President, Miloš Zeman explained his reasoning in an interview with Blesk over the weekend.

He told reporters that whilst the intelligence services were doing an excellent job, the threats are becoming more real and more credible. He warned that the Czech Republic could be next in the firing line and told citizens to remain vigilant. He warned that the threats are coming directly from the Muslim communities that are growing across European cities.

Opponents of Zeman have labeled him a xenophobe in the past but he denied these accusations and said that he was simply trying to look out for the interests of Czech people. When asked if he thought Prague was a target for Islamic Jihadists, Zeman responded abruptly: “Yes, naturally, we are the next. I personally had reinforced Prague Castle even before Berlin attack.”

Zeman also spoke of his support for US President Elect, Donald Trump, and told the reporters that he supported Trump all along: “I was the only European head of state who he openly supported Trump before the election.”

Although it isn’t all rosy between the two divisive figures as they apparently have a difference of opinion when it comes to looking at China.

“China is catching up with the United States in the gross domestic product. Conversely, Czech Republic is not a competitor of either of them, nor the Russian Federation. In order for the Czech Republic to have good relations with both East and West, trade deals and international cooperation are extremely important. When you look at politics in all directions, you inevitably cannot afford just one large superpower.”

It is doubtful that the president’s comments will have instilled a sense of security to citizens in the freezing weather and heightened security can be seen in many parts of Prague, including the airport and transportation systems.