Interior Minister Milan Chovanec has announced at a conference the launch of a specialised Centre for Terrorism and Hybrid Threats.

The centre, starting its operations since next year, will be located at the Interior Ministry.

The conference follows the country security audit wanted by the Interior Minister, which has shown the necessity to have a monitoring centre for different threats and the terrorism alerts.

30 experts will be the major force of this office, with the task to avoid false propaganda and news, analysing media and open sources; formed by civilian employees of the ministry, the office will be in contact with the intelligence agency.

Chovanec also added a new element to defend against terrorism, the National system of soft targets’ protection: soft targets are for example shopping centres, universities, big plants, important infrastructure points that ensure the distribution of electric energy or water, in other words places where a lot of people gathers or fundamental infrastructures. Thanks to this system, government will instruct privates on how to resist attacks better, but then privates will have to face eventual expenses on their own, since there will be no financial help from the state.

Chovan said also that the main threats to focus on for now are extremism, terrorism, security aspects of migration and anthropogenic and natural threats.

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