You’ll soon be able to use your phone on the metro, thanks to upgrades meaning mobile signals will be available on the line.

After many years of talk about mobile signal in the subway, it seems that this year, finally passengers will be able to make phone calls and surf the web on the underground. “Last Monday, we approved the necessary conditions for the conclusion of the seventeen-year contract with the operators,” said the CEO of Prague Public Transport Company (DPP) Martin Gillar.

By the end of this year, a pilot project will cover the stretch of line C from Muzeum station after Roztyly. “Then we will develop the coverage to the entire tunnel network,” He added. The cost of the coverage of the subway signal, which is around 100 million crowns, will be paid by the operators. DPP intends this year to invest CZK 6.6 billion into 481 projects, which is according to Gillar about the same amount as in previous years. With this funding, the tram system is also going to receive an upgrade, with three new tracks being added in the next three years.

The first of these tracks will carry locals from Barrandov to Slivenec over Holyně. Another location that we will see the tram, is a housing estate on the Dědině in Prague 6. It will be extended around the station Divoká Šárka. The new track will measure 2.3 kilometers and it will have five stops. The last location that we will see trams is Prague Libuš and the track will run to Modřany.


Photo: DENÍK/ Dimír Šťastný

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