Mr. Kebab opened their first Czech facility on Friday at the Central Business Center in Kladno.

The Slovak fast food chain will be branching out in the Czech Republic. In November there will be a branch in České Budějovice and they are planning four more restaurants with one location in Prague. Within five years, the company is planning to open at least two dozen locations. “Not only will the chicken kebab have its original mixture of spices, but the selection of unique vegetable salads will be added,” Mr. Kebab L’ubor Lelovits, the founder of the Mr. Kebab concept stated.

The first branch opened in Košice in 2005, with two more in Slovakia and three to be added next year. The Czech Retail Franchising (CRF) will be the holder of the license and has not signed yet for the actual date for the franchise to be opened. Most likely, it will be in a business center. “We will not utilize outdoor outlets, we are focusing on shopping centers,” CRF Executive Officer Petr Kutík confirmed. Many fast food establishments offering kebabs have become popular in Prague.