Mr. Kebab, a Slovakian fast food company, has expanded into the Czech Republic. Mr. Kebab is a franchise based company and is looking to gain more prevalence on the international market. The company seeks to bring predictable, high-quality kebabs to the market.

The company has also put significant effort to ensure its marketability and instill trust in its customers. This is in part to gain customer support, but also to allow for easy expansion of the brand.

Making a Kebab at Mr. KEBAB Source: Mr. KEBAB
Making a Kebab at Mr. KEBAB
Source: Mr. KEBAB

“From the beginning, it was clear that the basis of future success is a stable quality product, quality name, logo and corporate colors. Therefore, the development of these elements of the future image was devoted to a great amount of time, and only the resulting logo itself was subjected to a four-month public survey of different age groups, future consumers, as well as marketing experts of major world companies operating in Slovakia. The design of the first corporate store was designed by a recognized architectural studio to be easily applicable to other interior and exterior operations,” according to their mission statement.

While the first Mr. Kebab was established in 2005, it was quickly followed by another in 2006 and continued to expand in 2007-2008 with its first outdoor installation. The company expanded internationally in 2007-2008, opening a location in Hungary. There are currently four locations in Slovakia, and eight international franchises, including one in Turkey, South Korea, Ireland, and Indonesia.

The original Mr. KEBAB
The original Mr. KEBAB

Although Mr. Kebab focuses on chicken kebabs, other foods are available, including chicken wings and french fries. View the full menu and prices here.