Roxy is one of the Prague’s most iconic clubs and it has been standing since the beginning of the wild clubbing scene in 90’s and have remained ever since. It is inside an old art-deco cinema from 1927 and this beautiful building together with wild parties and concerts make a great combination with unconditional charm, the perfect setting for Friday night fever.

In the early 90’s when the club scene in Prague was getting out of the starting blocks the overall atmosphere was wild and had a very strong underground movement. Roxy played a big role in it and had ideal conditions to kick off their music career.

Since the original clubbers got older, many styles disappeared and diminished but legendary Roxy is still here pushing the latest trends and bringing the cutting – edge sounds to Czech clubbing scene, from indie and rock bands to electronic live acts and world famous DJs.

The summer months are coming to an end and Roxy is approaching its 25th anniversary: from October 20-29, there will be many, diverse performances, including theater, art, and live electronic shows.

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