The amusement park is currently dealing with dozens of complaints.

A photo of a woman in a Burkini, shared to Aquapalace’s Facebook page by a visitor has gone viral on Facebook. Dozens of hateful comments emerged in the photo’s comment section. The situation escalated when Aquapalace defended the Muslim woman.

“Yikes, I will not step foot in there ever again. This makes me sick! They should be respecting our culture and our customs!” is an example of such comments under the photo. Besides such Islamophobic remarks, many people also expressed concern for their hygiene. “Excuse me, but do you really think that religious women would undress themselves in the showers and wash themselves with soap?”, says a female contributor.


Aquapalace Praha defended the Muslim woman and her right to wear the burkini. “All visitors must follow the same hygiene guidelines. A concept that emerged in the recent years are bathing shirts or burkinis, thus bathing suits that cover more parts of the body. Some models cover the head as well, which can be seen in the photos taken. Such clothing is made of a material suitable for bathing. It is a worldwide trend, which we in Aquapalace are not the only ones seeing. In this case, our visitors are not violating any rules”, Aquapalace affirms in its official statement.

Burkinis are whole body swimsuits made for women, covering the entire body except for hands, feet, and the face. Burkinis fulfill the requirements for hijabs and were made popular in Islamic countries for being wearable in water and light enough for swimming, yet respectful of Islamic modes of dress.