One of the long-awaited food festivals – Best of DELIFEST – will be held on 30.09-2.10 along Nábřeží Na Františku.

This festival collects the dishes, snacks and drinks from all the passed fests this season. Besides, the food selection of DELIFEST will reflect the options that were most chosen among visitors. Don’t miss the closing of Na Františku festival season and a chance to treat yourself with delicious delicatessens.

Another worthy, but more specific food court will be opened at Vodpočívárna on the 27.08. The Exotic Food Festival welcomes everyone to challenge your taste receptors with something very unusual. There will be Ghetto Food (fried cockroaches, etc….) section for the most-risky.

It is important to note that Exotic Food Festival is not only to give a possibility to try something new, but to support local immigrants and acquaint citizens of Prague with foreign cultures.


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