In 2016, castles, fortresses and other sights, which are maintained by the Czech state, were visited by the record number of 5.6 million people.

The number increased by 510,000 in comparison to 2015, according to data released on January 18, provided by the National Institute of Monuments of the Czech Republic (NPÚ).

The castle which was of the greatest interest among tourists in the past year was Český Krumlov, with 426,000 visitors. The second most popular was Lednice castle, which 411,000 people visited. Third place, with 293,000 tourist visitors was the castle Hluboka. 

The statistics are kept on the number of tickets sold. Which means that it can not account all the visitors that came to look at the castles but did not go inside. Record attendance brought NPÚ 508,790,000 Kc in the last year. The state also received 14 million Kc from filmmakers and 8.25 million from organizers of weddings who rent the castles. The money will be used for the restoration and maintenance of facilities.

Český Krumlov 426.000 401.000
Lednice 411.000 386.000
Hluboká 293.000 273.000
Karlštejn 267.000 214.000
Kroměříž 209.000 193.000
Konopiště 149.000 139.000
Valtice 127.000 49.000
Sychrov 126.000 111.000
Bouzov 121.000 105.000
Pernštejn 114.000 70.000