The famous Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni is in many ways linked with Prague. The opera was composed in here and is appreciated for its quality – it often referred to as the “opera of operas”. The theme is based on life and death of famous seducer, known in the literature as Don Juan. It had its world premiere at the Nostitz (today The Estates) Theatre in Prague in 1787, where it was conducted by the composer himself.

A globally unique version of this opera can be watched at the National Marionette Theatre, where the opera was brought into the world of puppets. This year, after more than 25 years it will celebrate the jubilee 6000th reprise. This production celebrates Mozart’s time and the environment in the form of authentic eighteen century.

Craft of puppetry in the Czech lands has over 150 years of tradition. Initially, nomadic Czech puppeteers traveled from city to city. Since 2016, Czech puppetry has been registered on the UNESCO list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

National Marionette Theatre is the center of puppetry in the Czech Republic and the cradle of the global association UNIMA, which since 1929 unites puppetry enthusiasts from 60 countries.




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